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Get to know all the lovey ladies of Becky’s Boutique!

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Badass Becky

BADASS BECKY is your Hostess with the mostest, serving up FOOT Fun for everyone! BadAss Becky is a Blue Eyed, Red Headed firecracker, with a warm, engaging personality and a pair of Incredibly petite, sexy Size 5 Feet, perfect for stuffing Mouths.

WHOA! NELLY From Becky's Boutique

Whoa! Nelly

Whoa! Nelly Is a bright, Beautiful, Blue Eyed Brunette with a warm, Bubbly personality, a keen sense of style and a lovely pair of SUCKulent SIZE 6 Feet. Whoa! Nelly is incredibly ticklish, Dominant- but is capable of being innocent and submissive in the right situation with select Gents.

MS EMMY PICASSO From Becky's Boutique

emmy picasso

Emmy Picasso is a lovely Blue Eyed, Raven Haired beauty- Though naturally a Blonde. Emmy has perfect Size 7 feet- a witty sense of humor, is definitely more on the Dominant side but capable of being sweet and innocent- If You’re Nice :)

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Ms Kailey Cupcake is a Beautiful, Curvy Blonde with Deliciously juicy size 8 Feet that are incredibly Thick and Meaty. Kailey’s feet are tailor made for Gentlemen with an insatiable appetite for Wrinkled Soles. Kailey’s also ticklish and absolutely delicious!!

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Goddess gigi

Goddess GiGi is a Beautiful Caramel colored Latina with curves for days and Thick, Meaty SIZE 10 Feet that will have you CUMpletely amazed. GiGi is incredibly sweet- though her speciality is smothering Gentlemen with her BIG SEXY FEET!

Vicky Valentina from Becky's Boutique NYC


Vicky Valentina A.K.A “ViVi” is an absolutely Beautiful, Buxom Blonde with Gorgeous Green eyes, a TOEriffic Physique, a Fun, Engaging Personality and High Arched Size 8 Feet. ViVi is a Natural Flirt and has mastered the Art Of the Tease

BB NYC Katrina Von Tease.png

Katrina von tease

Katrina Von Tease “KVT” is a Blue Eyed, Raven haired Vixen with a TOEriffic Body, charming personality and very beautiful Size 7 Feet. Katrina is Ticklish, sweet and submissive- but if provoked, this little dynamo can BeCUM quite Vicious :)

Sexy Milley Milfshake .png

millEy milfshake

Adorable, Little Milley Milkshake is a Beautiful Latina with a warm, endearing personality and Mouth watering SIZE 5 FEET. Milley has perfectly Polished Toes, SUCKulent Soles that love being Caressed, Tickled, Licked and Sniffed!!!!!!!




Lily is an Asian American cutie with TINY size 4 feet, a creative spirit and glowing personality!! She is well versed in the world of Foot Fetish and is excited to be joining us here at Becky’s Boutique!!

lily and becky
lily 1