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Get to know all the talented performers of

Becky’s Boutique!

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"Maya Mysteria!”

I'm so excited to introduce to all of YOU to one of our newest performers to grace the stage at Becky's Boutique - a woman who enjoys a little bit of "mystery," but who's never shy about showing her pretty feet ;) Please help me give a warm welcome to "Maya Mysteria!" She has a powerful allure when it comes to intrigue and tease.....and her cute feet have been said to be nothing short of hypnotizing! She may be a little camera shy, but in person you'll find that's certainly not the case and a front row seat will ensure you get to bask in the glow of her lovely personality - along with those perfect feet :)

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 2.32.40 PM.png

Badass Becky

BADASS BECKY is your master of ceremonies serving up FOOT Fun for everyone! BadAss Becky is a Blue Eyed, Red Headed firecracker, & hostess with the mostess - with a warm, engaging personality and a pair of petite, & sexy Size 5 Feet! Her shows will DAZZLE you with their creativity!!

WHOA! NELLY From Becky's Boutique

Whoa! Nelly

Whoa! Nelly Is a talented performer with a background in dance, now pursuing make up artistry and fashion! Her performances are always “On Point,” and her bright, Bubbly personality, is guaranteed to put even the shyest audience member at ease :)

MS EMMY PICASSO From Becky's Boutique

emmy picasso

Emmy Picasso is a visual artist who specializes in live paint performances! She’s a regular Picasso with her talented Toes and with a background in Psychology she has a knack for unlocking your most creative desires ;)

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.37.32 PM.png


Ms Kailey Cupcake is a Beautiful, Curvy Blonde with a wickedly dry sense of humor and stand up routine that will have you laughing and slapping your knees! She’ll certainly tickle your funny bone with her creative anecdotes :)

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 2.11.32 PM.png

Goddess gigi

Goddess GiGi is a Beautiful Latina beauty with curves for days and a talent for serving up some delicious SOLE Food dishes. She’ll certainly whet your appetite with her entertaining cooking show, and lucky for you, there’s always samples available ;)

Vicky Valentina from Becky's Boutique NYC


Vicky Valentina A.K.A “ViVi” is a MASTER when it comes to the art of the tease. A true burlesque performer, she knows how to peel a stocking with ease!! Her fun & creative shows vary in theme, but are guaranteed to always be entertaining!!

BB NYC Katrina Von Tease.png

Katrina von tease

Katrina Von Tease “KVT” has a penchant for adventure and a need for speed! As a professional race car driver she’ll invite you into the passenger seat to watch her drive with bare feet ;) Her shows are for the dare devils for sure!

Sexy Milley Milfshake .png

millEy milfshake

Milley is a multi-lingual South American cutie who works in the fashion industry! Her vast shoe collection will amaze you and her creative take on a foot fun fashion show is sure to entertain :)



Lily is an Asian American cutie with a creative spirit and glowing personality!! She’s an aspiring film director and loves diving into her performances by creating in depth characters. We are so excited to have her talents join our troupe here at Becky’s Boutique!