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Let us put your mind at ease by taking a peek below at some testimonials from our visiting Becky Buddies!

I had a great time. It was extremely enjoyable, relaxing, and pleasurable. I felt right at home, and the friendliness of Becky and all the girls definitely enhances the experience.

Far exceeded my expectations. The meet and great was a great way to relax. Such a casual and fun way to start the evening. I have been to foot fetish parties before and never found really smelly feet. The girls would clean their feet after a session (which I highly appreciate lol) but the smell would be gone. You delivered! My god it was wonderful! And the main event was a dream come true.

The ladies at the boutique were not only very pleasant but also were down to earth and really made you feel welcomed.

My expectations were met and more during my session. My experience was amazing because all my fantasies were presented in the session. My fetishes were not ignored.

It went beyond my expectations! Everyone is friendly, and I met really great girls. It was so much fun, and welcoming! The atmosphere felt safe. The women of the boutique, including Becky herself, made me feel at home. It's was a wonderful experience.

Had no experience before so wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but Becky was amazing and made me so comfortable!

Keep doing what you're doing - it's fantastic safe-space/judgement-free zone to explore interests that many would not be able to easily explore in their personal lives!

I’ve been a Fan of Becky’s for years now. It was so amazing meeting her and the other girls at the boutique. Becky is the sweetest and most empathetic person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.